Paulsen Vote Tracker: Trump’s Executive Order Restricting Immigration

Trump’s Executive Order Restricting Immigration

Summary of the Executive Order

  • Bans citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the US: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen for 90 days.    
  • Bans refugee admission for 120 days. Reduces the number of refugees that can enter the US from 110,000 to 50,000.
  • Bans all Syrian refugees indefinitely.  

Notably, some Muslim countries where Trump does business were not affected by the EO, even though terrorists from these countries have attacked the US – Saudi Arabia (World Trade Center), Pakistan (San Bernadino), UAE (World Trade Center), Lebanon (World Trade Center), and Egypt (World Trade Center).


The EO was signed Friday afternoon, January 27, 2017.  Students, visitors, green card holders (legal permanent residents) from the seven countries and all refugees were stopped at airports.  On Saturday a federal judge in Brooklyn blocked part of the order.  This ruling gave some relief to the people being held at the airports, but does not help others who have not yet arrived in the US. Federal judges in Massachusetts, Virginia, and Washington issued similar rulings. On Sunday White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus said that green card holders would not be prevented from returning to the US.  He also said that border agents had “discretionary authority” to apply extra scrutiny to US citizens traveling from the seven countries.  On Monday, the acting US Attorney General (holdover from the Obama administration) ordered the Justice Department not to defend the EO in court because she does not believe that the EO is constitutional.  Massive protests were held in major cities across the country over the weekend and are continuing.  Many politicians, industry leaders, and faith leaders condemned the EO.  Both our MN senators quickly condemned the EO.  Slowly Republicans began to criticize the EO.  

On Monday afternoon Paulsen issued a statement on Facebook regarding the EO.  Paulson states that the “executive order is too broad and has been poorly implemented and conceived . . . . It is clear from events this weekend that the executive order does not ensure that legal residents, including green card holders, and non-threats, such as those who served alongside the American military in Iraq, are treated fairly and with the dignity they deserve.”


The EO is a chaotic mess.  People suddenly found that they are not able to enter the US when they arrived at the airport.  Refugees generally sell everything they own when they leave the refugee camp and have nothing to go back to.  Children and old folks were held for hours by the border agents, separated from their families.  Refugees who had been approved and waited for months to come to the US were denied entry.  Workers could not enter the US to return to work; students could not return to school from winter break. Layered on top of this pain – the ban targets our Muslim community – which goes directly against our American values.  

Partial kudos to Erik Paulsen for finally criticizing this hateful EO. However, his criticism does not go far enough.  Democrats are drafting legislation to reverse the EO.  We are watching to see if Erik Paulsen reaches across the aisle to support this effort.  If not, it will seem that his Facebook statement is all talk – no action.  We are also waiting for Paulsen to take a stand on Trump’s obvious conflicts of interest in this situation and everywhere else.  So far — crickets.  

UPDATE:  On January 31, 2017, Rep. Paulsen did come out with a statement on this issue. Here’s our link to our post on that.