Rep. Rosenthal Update: January 24, 2017

Rep. Paul Rosenthal (49B) – Legislative Update

Dear Neighbors,

We’ve approached our fourth week of the 2017 session and have seen quite a bit of legislative activity.  Below is a brief update on a few notable items in which you may have interest. 

Health Insurance Premium Relief

Last Thursday, SF 1 passed the Minnesota House.   The House and Senate versions of this bill include health insurance premium relief and significant health insurance policy changes.  SF 1 and HF 1 will now head to conference committee where the differences will be ironed out.  To read more about the legislation, you can read this article provided by the nonpartisan House Public Information Office.

Minnesotans in our community and across the state need premium relief now, and it’s essential to act before January 31, the deadline for enrolling in 2017 health insurance coverage.  Unfortunately, the House Majority’s plan to provide instant relief is simply unachievable.  Administrative changes inevitably add time for implementation to any bill; however, it’s unacceptable when reform policies are prioritized over delivering emergency relief.  If you need health insurance assistance, please contact my office and I will do everything I can to help.

I-35W and 494

Last week, I introduced a bill to improve the 35W and 494 interchange by adding a northbound and westbound ramp.  This interchange has been nationally recognized as one of the worst bottlenecks in the country, and I’ll continue to advocate for it.  The bill has been referred to the Committee on Transportation Finance, of which I’m a member.  The Committee Chair decides whether or not to give any bill a committee hearing.  You can express your concerns about the 35W/494 interchange to Chair Torkelson here.

Governor Dayton’s Budget Proposal

Today the Governor presented his supplemental budget proposal for 2017.  In his speech, he outlined his key priorities to grow our economy by delivering middle class tax relief, building our transportation infrastructure, and partnering with businesses and entrepreneurs to create jobs.  In his budget package, Gov. Dayton reaffirmed his commitment to invest in education, increase child care access and offer college and career readiness for Minnesotans.  Additionally, the Governor pledged to improve state government’s levels of efficiency and accountability by cutting down on the red tape and paperwork.

Please feel don’t hesitate to keep in touch on any issue at 651-296-7803 or by email at  I appreciate your input.