Rep. Yvonne Selcer (HD48A) to Receive Legislator of the Year Award

Yvonne Selcer HearingMSBA-WebsiteLogo2015The Minnesota School Board Association has named Rep. Yvonne Selcer as one of their Legislators of the Year, praising her leadership and common-sense approach to education issues.

“Our kids deserve a world-class education, and I have worked to make that a top priority,” said Rep. Selcer. “The Minnesota School Board Association does great work on behalf of our children and schools, and to be recognized by its members is very meaningful.”

A former school board member and current member of the House of Representatives E-12 Education and Policy committees, much of Rep. Selcer’s work at the Capitol has revolved around education issues.

“We appreciate your tireless advocacy, thoughtful discourse, willingness to tackle complex education finance challenges and your determination that students receive an education edge in a global economy,” said Grace Keliher, Director of Government Relations for the Minnesota School Board Association, in a letter previewing Rep. Selcer’s award.

Rep. Selcer said that she plans to continue working on education issues next session, building on work she has done to improve safety of study abroad programs, offer college in the schools to more high school students, and stabilize education funding.