Meeting Locations in CD3

Click here to view a map of meeting locations in CD3 for units to use.


About the DFL Media Suite

Click here to learn more about the DFL media suite and other resources located at DFL headquarters in St. Paul.

Online Resources for DFL Candidates

Whether you are running for the State Legislature or your local school board, we want to make sure that you have the training and resources to be an effective and engaging candidate. Below are a few resources available for free online that can help you and your campaign.

Training Videos from the New Organizing Institute

Training Outline: List of Campaign Training Videos from NOI by Topic

Advanced Fundraising Tactics

Public Speaking

Resources from Wellstone Action

Win Your Election the Wellstone Way (PDF)

Information on How to Campaign Door-to-Door

Emily’s List Campaign Fundraising Guide (PDF)

Progressive Majority Campaign Training (Slideshare)

Progressive Majority Action Message Guide

Thinking Points by George Lakoff (PDF)

Legislative Candidate Campaign Finance Handbook, MN Campaign Finance Board (PDF)

Democracy for America Online Trainings