Safe and Supportive Schools Act Vote April 3

The good news: The Senate plans to take up the Safe & Supportive Schools Act for a vote on the floor today, April 3, 2014.

The bad news: Too many Senators think our schools are safe enough, our students have the support they need, and that Minnesota can afford to continue with the status quo – or worse, believing false claims that this bill will somehow harm kids. They must hear from YOU!

We must set the record straight TODAY!

  • The Safe & Supportive Schools Act will facilitate a collaborative, statewide effort to end bullying in MN once and for all.
  • Minnesota has the weakest antibullying laws in the country.
  • 56% of students report being directly involved as either the target of bullying or by bullying others.
  • Educators, parents, and students need tools and resources to prevent bullying.


How can I help?

Please choose at least 1 of the following to help us ensure this bill passes!

1. Have you contacted (by phone or email) your state Senator telling them to SUPPORT H.F. 826? Please do so now!

2. Have you written an email to your friends and neighbors or posted to social media explaining why you think this bill is necessary? The public needs to know that this bill is good for our kids, parents, and schools!

3. Have you contacted your local school board, asking them to publicly SUPPORT H.F. 826?

We’ve got to let Minnesota students know that we’ve got their backs.