Sen. Hann and the Bumpy Ride Ahead

Republican Pothole Bumper StickerRepublicans campaigning in 2014 on how the State had neglected Minnesota’s damaged (and in some cases crumbling) roads and bridges and how they’d make things right once elected.

So, now they’ve been elected and what are we seeing happen?  Nope. We’re seeing heels dug in on any increase in the gas tax (that is needed to pay for this work). How bad is it? The House Republicans’ current transportation proposal would fund just one bridge’s repair in rural Minnesota.

Based on this, we’d like to announce a new contents for residents of the Third Congressional District:

Being safe, take photos from your community of pot holes, cracked pavement, degrading bridges, traffic congestion, etc.

Submit your photos, descriptions and location to the State DFL.  Please do this by March 15, 2015.

The photo in the above graphic is in Eden Prairie has been labeled the David Hann SUV Adventure Course (level of difficulty =5, Miatas, Beatles and other small cars won’t be rescued from the bottom of any of the potholes until May 20, 2015.