Sen. Hoffman’s Capitol Corner: September 4, 2015

John_hard_hat_pic...excellent“All labor that uplifts humanity, has dignity and importance should be under taken with painstaking excellence”

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I’d like to wish all of you a Happy Labor Day! As this beautiful summer winds down, our families begin to turn their attentions to the start of the school year – and this weekend we prepare to recognize workers in Minnesota and across this country. This three-day weekend is a great opportunity for all of us to celebrate with families and recognize the hard work that all of us put in every day to make this state the wonderful place it is to live, work and play.

Over the past year, I’ve made efforts to ensure all of us have meaningful work, including people with cognitive and physical disabilities. When we have the opportunity to contribute to society in a positive way, it instills a sense of

purpose and deep meaning into our lives. I believe this is something everyone should have the opportunity and right to do.

All workers in Minnesota also deserve to have paid sick leave in order to attend to children, aging family members or spouses. A recent Minnesota Department of Health research paper highlights links between socio-economic factors and health, and underscores how a lack of access to paid sick and family leave contributes to health disparities. It is time to have the discussion about paid sick time – when we know that when it’s available to workers – everybody wins. I look forward to working on this issue in the upcoming 2016 legislative session.

I hope everyone enjoys their three-day weekend, and I thank all of you for your continued support. It is truly an honor to represent you in the Minnesota State Senate.


John Hoffman

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