Sen. Newton Update: February 2, 2017

Minnesota Health Plan Legislation

I am joining my Senate and House colleague’s calls for a better future for health care in Minnesota. The Minnesota Health Plan is affordable, understandable and accessible to all Minnesotans. At a time when spending on health care continues to balloon, Minnesota families simply can’t afford to spend more and continue to get the same patchwork of poor coverage in a confusing system. A universal approach to health care must be a part of the legislative debate – and I encourage any of my constituents who feel the same to make their voices heard.

Senate File 223: MN Health Plan Bill Text


In a bold response to the current health care crisis, doctors, nurses and DFL legislators took a united stand on Thursday calling for a positive alternative in the health reform debate. The group of legislators and advocates, including the Minnesota Nurses Association, Physicians for a National Health Plan, Take Action and the Land Stewardship Project, announced their support for the Minnesota Health Plan, a universal plan that would cut costs and provide quality, affordable care for all Minnesotans.

The basic tenants of the Minnesota Health Plan are as follows:

  • Health care is a basic right
  • Patients and doctors should control their health care, not the government or insurance companies
  • Premiums are based on ability to pay, so they are affordable to all
  • The Minnesota Health Plan saves money by eliminating bureaucratic insurance system, not by denying care
  • All providers are “in-network” – an especially critical factor in Greater Minnesota

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Jerry Newton
State Senator
District 37