Small Business Owners Support Contraception Insurance Coverage

HobbyLobbyPollInfographicOn July 16, 2015, Julisa McCoy and Donna Barry posted the following article and graphic on the Center for American Progress’ site:

The Center for American Progress and Small Business Majority commissioned a national scientific opinion poll—conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research on April 16–24, 2015—focusing on attitudes toward religious liberty and nondiscrimination. The poll results reflect an Internet survey of 500 small business owners from across the United States and has a +/-4.38 percent margin of error. The poll found that a majority of small business owners, or 62 percent, believes that if a small business provides health insurance to its employees, it should be required to cover birth control even if doing so conflicts with the owner’s religious beliefs. The poll also found that this belief is shared by small business owners across political and religious affiliations.

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