Speaker Daudt Cannot be Trusted

08.21.15.daudtleftThis week Minnesotans learned that Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt lobbied for $2 million in furniture for the Minnesota Capitol, including $10,000 for a door for his new “Speaker’s suite.”

“Daudt couldn’t find $30,000 to help Minnesota’s deaf children, but he wants to turn our Capitol restoration into his personal version of HGTV’s ‘Property Brothers’ using taxpayer dollars,” said DFL Chairman Ken Martin.

Once again Daudt has shown he cannot be trusted, Martin said. Daudt promised to rein in government spending, but in addition to his $10,000 door voted for the largest budget in state history. Daudt promised to make rural communities a priority, and then zeroed out funding to expand broadband. Daudt promised to fix our roads and bridges but did nothing to make this a reality.

“Minnesotans deserve a leader who will be responsible with state resources and take the steps to grow Minnesota’s economy and open the doors of success to everyone.”