Statement from DFL Chairman Ken Martin on about $2 billion Budget Surplus

Minnesota Capitol“Thanks to Gov. Mark Dayton and DFL leaders’ commitment to improving the economy, creating jobs and investing in transportation and education, it’s no surprise that Minnesota has almost a $2 billion budget surplus. I applaud Gov. Dayton and DFL legislators for standing against special interests and continuing to put hardworking Minnesotans and their families first to get these results.

“With this surplus we have the opportunity to meet the unmet needs that were put off and are now in crisis like transportation and infrastructure, education, and other disparities. Under Speaker Kurt Daudt’s leadership last session, the proposed budget left $800 million on the bottom line. Those funds could have helped meet broadband needs in Greater Minnesota or fixed the crumbling roads and bridges across the state.

 “When will the GOP deliver on the promises they made in 2014? Our roads and bridges are falling down and our communities can’t grow without broadband access. Our families are hurting and the GOP promised to support and lift up the middle class, not the wealthy few. We cannot allow the Republican leadership to squander this opportunity to invest in our state.   

 “As Gov. Dayton and DFL legislators call for a much needed special session to address issues facing our communities of color and workers across the state, Daudt continues to put his allegiance to multinational corporations ahead of the needs of Minnesota’s families.

“This projected budget surplus proves once again that DFL values are Minnesota’s values and are what work for Minnesota’s families. This surplus sets the stage for the 2016 Legislative Session and gives Gov. Mark Dayton and legislators a unique opportunity to address our infrastructure and other disparities and invest in a brighter future for all Minnesotans.”