The Real Erik Paulsen

IMG_4382Congressman Paulsen wants you to believe he’s a moderate independent representative for those of us living in CD3.

But, what’s the reality? Let’s take a look at the man behind the moderate mask by looking at where his votes take him.

Erik Paulsen has acted in Congress:

  • VOTED FOR the partisan Tea Party budget that would give massive tax giveaways to millionaires while it raising taxes on the Middle Class by $2,000 a years and ends Medicare for our seniors
  • VOTED FOR the irresponsible federal government shutdown
  • VOTED FOR protecting his taxpayer-funded salary during that shutdown while military personnel didn’t receive their salary.
  • VOTED AGAINST legislation ensuring women receive equal pay for equal work, even though women earn only 77 cents to every dollar men earn
    • This father of 3 daughters stated that laws protecting women from wage discrimination would cause “frivolous lawsuits”
  • SIGNED A WRITTEN PLEDGE to protect tax giveaways to companies outsourcing American jobs to other countries as long as he’s in Congress
  • SIDED WITH BIG BANKS OVER STUDENTS by refusing to support a plan that would let students refinance their student loans at a lower interest rate.
  • VOTED REPEATEDLY TO GUT environmental protections like the Clean Air Act, regulation of greenhouse gases and VOTED AGAINST renewable energy research that could help improve the environment, create green jobs and decrease America’s dependence on foreign oil.
  • CARRIED LEGISLATION THAT HELPS CORPORATIONS OVER CITIZENS, for years now Congressman Paulsen has been trying to repeal sales tax on medical devices. Why is that a problem? It’s an issue that the device industry has lobbied hard to kill. Its passage would cut off $24.5 Billion used to help people obtain medical insurance and doesn’t provide any way to replace that money.

Doesn’t sound like a moderate voice.  And, definitely doesn’t sound like an independent voice.

We’ll add to this as information becomes available. Don’t buy the hype, buy the facts.  Know who your Congressman truly is before voting.