ThinkProgress Reports on Restrictions Reporters Agreed to in Order to Attend Koch Conference

St Regis Monarch BeachOn August 3, 2015, Josh Israel reported an exclusive for ThinkProgress on what reporters had to agree to to attend their recent conference for top conservative donors and 5 Republican presidential candidates at the St. Regis Monarch Beach resort in California.

The event was hosted by the Koch’s Freedom Partners, which “has been dubbed as the Koch brothers’ ‘secret bank’.

ThinkProgress was able to obtain a copy of the conditions that reporters needed to accept in order to attend the event. There’s been a lot in the media about how the Koch Brothers are looking to present themselves as more open. Read the full article, and see if you think that’s more than just spin.

Our money’s on spin.  People like you and me aren’t anything people like the Kochs think matter.