Too chicken to debate? McFadden snubs Rochester Tea Party

Rochester Tea Party asks McFadden: ‘Are you too good for this?’

Investment banker Mike McFadden’s poorly hatched plan to duck Minnesota voters has some crying fowl.

In what has become an undeniable pattern from the man who says he wants to “lead on the conversation” — Mike McFadden is once again refusing to talk to voters, snubbing Republican and Tea Party activists and skipping his third candidate forum next week, according to the Rochester Post-Bulletin.

The Rochester Tea Party Patriots are hosting a U.S. Senate Candidate forum January 16th, in Rochester. McFadden told Tea Party organizers that “he does not plan to attend,” despite knowing about the forum for more than four months.  He’s already skipped two previous forums in Carver and Kanabec counties.

“Investment banker Mike McFadden’s debate-ducking tendencies are finally coming home to roost,” said DFL Chairman Ken Martin. “McFadden is refusing to talk to voters, leaving Minnesotans clucking their tongues in frustration. He’s walking on eggshells with Republican activists and voters alike.”

Other candidates in the highly contested Republican primary — State Sen. Julianne Ortman, state Rep. Jim Abeler, St. Louis County Commissioner Chris Dahlberg, activist Phillip Parrish and activist Harold Shudlick — are attending the forum.  According to the Olmsted County GOP calendar, all Republican candidates were invited “as of September 13th.”

McFadden’s decision to snub the Rochester Tea Party (@RochesterMN_TPP) has led the group to publicly ask McFadden (@MikeforMN) whether he’s “too good for this?”:

@RochesterMN_TPP Is Mike McFadden avoiding Debates with other candidates? #mnleg [Twitter]

@RochesterMN_TPP @MikeForMN Why arent you doing any forums? People deserve to hear from you.#mnleg [Twitter]

@RochesterMN_TPP @MikeForMN Ignoring the other Republicans?  Ignoring delegates? Are you too good for this? #stribpol #mnleg [Twitter]

“Why did Mike McFadden cross the road?” asked Martin. “He’s too afraid to debate!”