What’s Happening with GOP Presidential Candidates

Wonder what’s happening with the GOP candidates? Here’s what happening:

Jeb Bush

Last week, Jeb Bush unveiled his health care plan, and surprise, surprise: it was another outdated and out-of-touch policy proposal. His health care plan would repeal Obamacare, which has helped over 17 million Americans gain health insurance, would increase the deficit, would lower the quality of patient care, would decrease the number of Americans insured, and would only help Jeb Bush and the wealthy like him. People noticed this, and took Bush to task for it. In addition to all this, he tried to be transparent this week by releasing the names of his bundlers, but as the Wall Street Journal pointed out, there’s a big problem: he’s defining bundlers as donors who have raised at least $17,600, a low threshold which hides who his biggest bundlers really are. So much for transparency. And to make matters even worse for Jeb, his fundraising numbers weren’t that great

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John Kasich

Jeb Bush wasn’t the only one who released a terrible plan; John Kasich did too. He unveiled his economic plan and, in a nutshell, it’s more of the same policies that would move our country backward: tax cuts for the rich and corporations, block-granting Medicaid to the states, which would likely lead to harmful cuts and less care for Medicaid recipients, and even gutting the Transportation and Education Departments. If you have a problem with any of this, remember Kasich will just tell you, “I don’t care.” On a final note, his fundraising numbers were released this week, and boy were they pretty bad. In fact, Kasich trails well behind the vast majority of 2016 GOPers.

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Marco Rubio

Last week, Marco Rubio called our first Democratic debate a “liberal versus liberal debate about who was going to give away the most free stuff.” Like his good friend Jeb Bush, Rubio was channeling his inner Mitt Romney and apparently sees a path towards a stronger middle class and better education as more “free stuff.” As if this wasn’t bad enough, the National Journal called out Rubio for proposing a tax policy that would do little to help our nation’s middle class, but that would do much to help 1-percenters. So much, that under his plan Mitt Romney would pay zilch, nada, nothing in taxes.  In other words, Rubio is definitely not the candidate for middle class Americans; rather he is just another Republican with the same failed and outdated policies that favor the wealthy. On a final note, various news outlets noticed that Rubio lied about how much money he raised this past quarter. As Byron York put it, “Rubio did some hopeful rounding.” Ridiculous.

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Rand Paul

And when it comes to Rand Paul, well, he just keeps on digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole—this time by blatantly disrespecting our nation’s LGBT community…Again. He also livestreamed his campaign for an entire day, but all the highlights were really summed up by this.

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