Will Congressman Paulsen Drop Repeal Effort to Fix Health Care?

Over the weekend, Congressman Erik Paulsen’s Republican leaders made clear they have no plans to fix the Affordable Care Act, but instead plan only to repeal the law.  The most recent National Journal poll found that 58 percent of Americans want to keep the law or make sure it’s implemented effectively, while only 38 percent want repeal.

In the weekly Republican radio address, Congressional Republicans doubled down on their repeal-only approach, with CBS News describing their agenda with this headline: “GOP on Obamacare: Don’t fix it, ‘scrap it.’

“Congressman Paulsen and Republicans in Congress are refusing to help make the Affordable Care Act work and instead he is planning to take us back to the broken system that led hardworking families into bankruptcy and gave insurance companies unchecked power to deny care, drop coverage and hike costs‎,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Will Congressman Paulsen continue to blindly follow his Republican leaders to do the bidding of insurance companies or will he finally support fixing and improving health care for middle class Americans? Congressman Paulsen has proven time and again that he will choose brinksmanship that hurtles us toward another shutdown showdown and even more pointless repeal votes that would raise health care costs for everyone.”


United Technologies/National Journal: 58 Percent of Americans Want to Keep or Expand the ACA. According to a United Technologies/National Journal poll, 35 percent of respondents said that Congress should “Wait and see how things go before making changes” and another 23 percent said that Congress should “Provide more money to ensure it is implemented effectively.” The poll was conducted between November 14 and 17 and surveyed 1,013 Americans ages 18 and older. [National Journal, 11/19/13]