Permitless Carry AND Stand Your Ground bills HERE in Minnesota!

The following letter to the editor was submitted to the Plymouth Sun-Sailor March, 2017:

There are bills at play in the Minnesota legislature that would be a risk to public safety. One is HF 188 (Author: Nash) which would make it easier for people to carry a gun without a permit. Included in this bill is an expansion of “public places” where guns could be carried. This would make it impossible to ban guns in schools, court building, hospitals and the State Fair grounds. (Protect Minnesota). Already 7 children die daily in the US from firearms and one Minnesotan is killed by a gun. (Protect Minnesota). To pass a permitless carry law would only increase risk. At the same time there is a bill (HF 238 by Nash and SF 292 by Ruud) to allow anyone to use deadly force whenever they believe their life to be threatened. This is particularly dangerous for minorities who are often under suspicion simply because of their race or any of our kids who look suspicious to someone. Minnesota needs neither of these laws. They would both put more guns on the street and make it easier to use them and not be held accountable. Contact your representative today to voice your concern for our state’s safety!

K. Anderson