Rand Paul embarrasses himself by calling wife beating “complicated”

The following article by Alison R. Parker was posted on the ShareBlue website February 11, 2018:

Contrary to Sen. Rand Paul’s flustered claim, there is nothing “complicated” about whether or not punching your spouse in the face is wrong.

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul Credit: CBS

The cognitive dissonance on display from the Trump administration regarding the domestic abuse scandals surrounding two now-former White House aides was bizarrely crystallized in one statement by Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul.

Trump has gone out of his way to defend Rob Porter — despite photographic evidence of the violent abuse Porter inflicted on one of his ex-wives and testimony from another, as well as an ex-girlfriend — as well as former speechwriter David Sorensen.

Indeed, the White House has mostly seemed to go all in on supporting abusers and ignoring or demeaning their alleged victims. But that message didn’t seem to make it to Mike Pence’s desk, who insisted that “there is no tolerance in this White House” for domestic abuse.

Putting aside the obvious problem with that statement, it seems that the administration can’t figure out what message they want to send about domestic violence.

And neither can Rand Paul.

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